UX/UI User Flow and Design


@kirstystubbs London Bridge would be fine for me

re. font. thats something i don’t feel comfortable in my skill set with. i’m not very design oriented. that said, not the one you found. it looks like Comic Sans :stuck_out_tongue: we can have a look at the meeting


@albert_kai is 18:30 BST ok for you?


@everone i was wondering. should we list all of our current members, events and proects created and cities we’ve been active in on the homepage?

it’d take me a while to work out, but would be enticing for visitors, right? :slight_smile:


Absolutely not @AndyatFocallocal - minimal KEY info is the key on a landing page; you want to feed people to places where they can find more.

Everyone, are we meeting?


got stuck on the train, going to be 10mins guys


@albert_kai click this link when you are online


lets try this: https://appear.in/focallocal
it uses webrtc, should be better


@albert_kai here’s the changes we discussed to the home page: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1xVUitFVFYHiQfpK-t59FPzeGStvRf5nGcoRJXb8yo1I/edit?usp=sharing

i’ll be meeting with Rula on Sunday to look at the text again and so it will have one more revision to the wording coming. once we have this up at the address http://focallocal.org then i’ll have a look at how we can edit the text and images and use it again for the Brighter Tomorrow map (the homelessness project). the continuity will look great!

if its possible to have a draft online for Sunday that would be a huge help. if not don’t worry i’ll talk her through the coming changes