1. one of the 1st questions we get asked is always, how will they access it. most people who are homeless have smart phones in the western world, but its quicker to address this by letting them know they can print it and give it out

print a resource map to hand it out nearby

(the print function will be improved soon)


each time you see a free resource useful for a rough sleeper, or if you’d like to offer something, please give 30secs and post it onto the:

i’d prefer comma’s to brackets. they make it appear that offering something is of less importance, when its actually the main purpose of the map. initially our marketing is pushing the two equally as simply having resources on the map is what will get people using it


you should have a little more space if the size of the text is smaller. the left side font size is fine. the right i’d suggest half way between what you used in the 1st version before and what you have now


the closeness of the text to the elements next to it makes me feel a bit tense. can you leave a small gap so the text can breathe :slight_smile:


Coffee Shop Poster v3.pdf (716.9 KB)


i like it a lot @Adam well done. can i set you one more challenge:

  • find somewhere to squeeze in ‘printable to give out’


sorry i missed ‘a printed map’ in the bullet points

that wouldn’t quite be accurate though as it suggests they are going to give away a standard printed map, rather than they are able to print our map and give it out as a resource guide


‘print to give out as a resource guide’

that sounds better. just gotta find somewhere to squeeze it in


Coffee Shop Poster v4.pdf (717.0 KB)?

also, i just saw this on the home page - “A path to a brighter tomorrow. Reconnecting communitites to transform homelessness”


that there is a good spot. thank you :slight_smile:


fixed :sunglasses:


@Adam can we change this passage to ‘map printable for handing out’

then i think its perfect :slight_smile:


Coffee Shop Poster v5.pdf (717.3 KB)


almost buddy. i’m not a fan of the ‘p.s’

wipe that out and we’re good to go :slight_smile:


can you make it ‘the map is printable for handing out’


Coffee Shop Poster v6.pdf (718.6 KB)


ah …feels a bit like its shouting at me at the end there :smile:

can you make ‘its printable…’ a smaller font and not all in bold please


Coffee Shop Poster v7.pdf (719.9 KB)


perfect. great job @Adam :tada::tada::tada:

why dont you post this, and the shelter map into the brighter tomorrow thread and ask if people would like to put them up where they live?


@Adam would you like another graphic design mission?