Hackathon 20th and 21st Oct 2018 - Main Thread


Heyy @AndyatFocallocal I will join back tomorrow.


thank you @olivierjm you are a real star! :star2:


Hey @AndyatFocallocal, thinking of working on the task to add a dropdown to ‘about’ menu item.
Move this task to Sprint column?


yeah do it… although… um, that one is fl-sleeper branch only

i hope that’s not too much of a pain to switch back


Hmmmm… I see. Any particular task you need me to look into?


@badpointer Oh , yes!!!

i see an issue with a PR request, would you mind reviewing the two that are there please?


@AndyatFocallocal Sure!


Resolved the first conflict “add-text” pushing PR now


@badpointer tag me below when you’ve reviewed them and i’ll merge them :slight_smile:

quick question, i’m not sure how much you know about this, but we need a system to stay on top of what needs to be pushed to the fl-branch, and what is only for the fl-branch and not fl-master. i’m gonna be insanely tired tomorrow and am worried about losing track. any ideas?


Are you thinking setting up a git type work-flow?


i don’t know really. i’m not a web dev project manager, i just do my best. can you describe that?

it was suggested by another dev that we set up a cherry pick system, which i think would involve having a master branch with the two maps in sub branches… obviously that might be quite a big task, if so i wouldn’t want to add it to our work load this weekend


The project repository I have at work is set up with sub branches.
Our Master has less commits because we tag our releases under a Release branch / Milestone Branch.
Most of our developers work on under development branch which is driven by feature branches.

This allows us to “cherry pick” future features to go into release/milestone branch that heads over to master.
We also have a CI/CD pipeline that helps automate all this process…

Is this something you are thinking about?


that sounds perfect… how difficult is it to set up?


@olivierjm, please find my new commit here (beware, in my repo it’s in the branch called “docuss”).

Here is what I’ve done:

  • I’ve added the file /imports/client/utils/dcs-master.js, which is the library to communicate with Discourse
  • I’ve added the npm package regenerator-runtime, which is required for the library to compile correctly with babel (which is the case in Meteor)
  • I’ve updated the App and Page components with sample code (library calls)

Things we need to do tomorrow:

  1. Moving your code to the App so that search params are managed at the App level (whatever the page).
  2. Adding a selection indicator to ‘Photos’, ‘Videos’, etc. so that we can see which one is selected.
  3. Completing the onDiscourseRouteChange hook. There is a little trick there I will need to explain. @olivierjm, do you know how to make requests to Meteor collections? If you don’t, please ask @AndyatFocallocal who could help us on that.
  4. Checking with Andy about the UI and making final adjustments.

Unfortunately I will not be available tomorrow all day, but I’m confident we can finish this before midnight :slight_smile:


@badpointer if easy we could set it up now, more likely perhaps you could explain how it works in an issue in github and we’ll set it as a task for the future


@badpointer we can find a simple hack this weekend to deal with it


…or maybe your work might like to help us set it up :wink:


@AndyatFocallocal Hahaha… Yea I would gladly help out set this up. Not sure this will resolve some of your issues you have for this weekend but longterm this can help out prioritize what needs to get done and fixed.
Not sure about issues but you might need maintainers to keep track of this and set these as task or a follow up.


we have key issues which need to be completed to launch. i think we should prioritise those and maybe i’ll add text to the titles to keep track of which pushes need to go where.

it would be a great help if you’d write it out into an issue for later… and if you wanted to help set it up another time that would be heroic, no pressure though :slight_smile:


That sounds perfect, I can write it out as an issue and help set it up.
Anything else you might need help with?