Hackathon 20th and 21st Oct 2018 - Main Thread


most issues we’re working on this weekend are under ‘both’ and so you work on fl-master and then i push to fl-sleeper too


Just got the local environment running under sleeper branch. I’ll update both branches once I work on some issues.
Thanks Andy!


it would be better to work on fl-master. they should be the same, but just to be safe


Ok will do.


@syl will it be possible to auto add text to certain bubbles? (this maybe could be handled through discourse instead)

For example in photos i want a sticky at the top of each thread created asking people to post links to photos (and reduce the size of images people can upload). we are small, paid for by me, and there’s no-way i can afford the server space to host videos and photo albums directly


Heyy @AndyatFocallocal I sent a small PR, then a quick question, can you remind how to get on the brightertomorrow, I wanted to add the dropdown on about.


the code? it’s in fl-sleeper @olivierjm


Thank you


@olivierjm let me know when the docus set up is ready on fl-master and we’ll push it to fl-sleeper… which is really exciting :slight_smile:


I am working on adding the option for a user to delete what they posted on the map. I have obligations this weekend, but at the minimum I will try to get this done before the hackathon is over. (I hope to have time for more)


I am waiting for @syl, we will proceed from there, It is almost midnight here, I hope I don’t fall asleep sooner.


i feel you. i’m on 4 coffee’s and we’re only just passed half way!!


@olivierjm, my lib is almost ready.
Could you make progress on your side?


that an important step, thank you for taking that on on @kyle. i think other will be able to build on it to make it possible for admins to edit activities too, so its a stepping stone for others too :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


@Stabuleon hey, how are you getting on?

(was this message a surprise? :joy::joy: )



I’ve added dropdown menu to the daypicker but I’m still working on handleChange to change the month’s and year’s state after clicking the options.


that look fantastic @Stabuleon is there anything anyone can support with?


@syl here’s my thought,

I have removed the setState from the Page component since other component won’t have access to this.
If the docus is going to be available sitewide we can share it’s status via the url hashes, then we will need to trigger the docus depending on the url status. if this is done the url would be shareable with docus open.
This can be done in app.js but am not sure about the manipulation of the url yet, I wanted to share my thoughts on this before I disappear.


I have just finished and the date picker is now working. However, there seems to be no data validation occurring for the dates when we submit an ‘event’. I was able to put an end date earlier than a start date.



ok, almost there. unfortunately the guy who built that isn’t active any more. @kevin.06.huang is pretty good on that side. He’s deep in server stuff now, but perhaps he can give you his thoughts :slight_smile: