Hackathon 20th and 21st Oct 2018 - Main Thread


What @olivierjm has implemented is this: the state of the right panel is only saved (in the URL) when using the Page page. On other pages, the state is not saved. This needs to be changed if the green bar is enabled on all pages.


That is true @syl


ok, i got it. yeah we should make it sitewide so everything looks the same. will it be possible to add the site stats when Docus opens?


user stats


There is a way: using the lib and the plugin I provide. Otherwise you would need to reload Discourse at each click on a balloon (very slow).

And remember you need the other way too: when a user navigates to a topic in Discourse, if this topic relates to a Page page, you need to switch the app to this Page page.


i just want to say that you both have been absolute hero’s so far. no-way we’d launch without the effort you are putting in!


Yes, it is possible. Right now it opens on the Discourse home page, but that can be changed.


also making it site wide makes it super easy when we add multilevel categories to focallocal.org later. otherwise that would be a big job - as they’ll each have their own pages


Thanks for the explanation @syl


Thanks Andy.

@olivierjm, do you feel you know enough about the React Router or do you need help on this?


I know the basics of react-router but I might need help on this.


My understanding now is that is discourse is sitewide then we will need to do the routing from the app.js since all components live there.


I’m having a look right now: it doesn’t look so easy to grasp :frowning:

@AndyatFocallocal, do you now someone who can help with the React Router?


I agree. In fact, the Router seems to lie there.


@kevin.06.huang helped me last time on the router he might help on this one as well


Ok, great.
I will work on the communication lib for an hour and then come back.


Kevin is online atm :slight_smile:


Just forked the project. The working branch for this Hackathon under fl-sleeper?


@badpointer the fl-master branch is for tasks in the ‘focallocal.org’ and ‘both’ lists on trello. fl-sleeper is for tasks from the Brighter Tomorrow list (i’ll add that to trello thanks for asking)


see the reply above :slight_smile: