Hackathon 20th and 21st Oct 2018 - Main Thread


yes just that one


Sorry, didn’t catch your post. The problem is not only that multiple components can have Discourse balloons. For example, in your current version, if you open the right pane from the home page, it doesn’t get saved in the URL. So what needs to be decided also is: is the green split-bar always there and allowing to browse the forum?

Even if the answer is no and we decide there is no need for Discourse integration in other parts of the app, we will need to have a look at the router anyway. I will explain that below.


Alright, Thank you,
I have just noticed something, the Edit Page button isn’t working for me, how is it for you ? everything looks okay


@syl @olivierjm what do you guys think about this colour for the bar: #FFC284

(i noticed it has two phases and jumps back to green when transitioning)


No, that’s one of our key tasks this weekend.


@syl what you mean is that forums will be different and the routes need to know which url of the forum to go to ?


Hey @AndyatFocallocal should that colour be changed ?


yes please, the green is too strong :slight_smile:


So why do we need to integrate into the router? Well, I don’t remember :slight_smile: @olivierjm, let’s forget it for the now.

@AndyatFocallocal, does the green split bar need to appear on every page or only on the Page page?


@syl Good question. Every page, as it’s going to e the same across the entire platform :slight_smile:


But should it be active on every page. For example, on the home page, what should happen when I click on the green bar?


@olivierjm, I will now work on the library to communicate with Discourse. Should be ready in an hour.

Side note: my understanding is that this this line 29 can be removed.
this.setState({ dcsSel: dc })


it opens, everywhere. it’s where users will access their profile and we can set it to show their stats page in discourse if thats possible


That means it won’t be triggered by just the Page, but by another page if it will be on every page.
Yes @syl that can be removed with the line above as well


this one: https://discuss.focallocal.org/u/AndyatFocallocal/summary


can you explain that a bit more please @olivierjm, i’m not following


@syl do you need help setting the dynamic route to discourse? I haven’t understood from the code how you are calling the discourse page, it looks really amazing


My initial thought was that discourse will only be available from the Page component which shows more info about a resource but I am cleared now.


@olivierjm, right now I don’t set the right Discourse page yet. I will provide a library to do this (the library connects to a specific plugin that is already installed in the Discourse instance).


I see, there is no way of setting the correct page on a click of a ballon? that would ease the process, especially if it is a url being triggered .