Hackathon 20th and 21st Oct 2018 - Main Thread


groovy :slight_smile:


Morning everyone!
Sorry I’m late to the party.
Is there anything that we need to focus on the app?
I’m going to start setting the dev environment.


there are changes(which cant be seen) to the deply.tar.enc that I cant see or access. do you know if I should keep the sleeper version or the master version?


welcome @badpointer :slight_smile:

get the dev environment set up and then lets chat about missions


@dnmcky can you send me a direct link? that files doesnt sound familiar to me




i found it. i’m pretty sure that it should stay different


good effort. it should be 2 - 6 months back when the code starts syncing again


welcome @Konnoke!


would you mind reviewing @faysvas’s PR please? https://github.com/focallocal/fl-maps/pulls


can you change the colour of the docus bar to match the blue in our logo please. the one at the top of this page, or in the readme on githiub


Actually, perhaps the page should be more two tone so an orange a little lighter would work. I’ll send one over soon


i just wanted to congratulate @dnmcky who’s just completed a big mission and got our fl-sleeper branch upto date with fl-master


As most people are online in slack ATM I just wanted to share my set up


Unusual, sure :laughing::laughing:


@olivierjm, I’m back, did you have time to move forward?


Heyy @syl, I got disturbed with other things but am online and I hope we get it moving


Hey everyone, I’m working on adding year navigation on the date selector. :slight_smile:


Heyy @syl @AndyatFocallocal is the component the only one which needs to trigger the discourse page?


which component?


The Page, the one that displays more information about a resource, Like this one