Hackathon 20th and 21st Oct 2018 - Main Thread


I’m here, looking forward to get some devs working with me on the integration of the discussion platform to the BTM.


Heyy Syl, I can help out, I am sorry am here late.


Good morning Olivier!


Hi @olivierjm, I’ve just posted a github issue about what needs to be done. It should also appear in Trello:
I’m currently enriching it. Please have a look and let me know your thoughts.


Good morning @olivierjm. Let’s do video calls a bit later, I think @syl is very eager to get coding


let me check it in a bit.


I will have to move, I might not have enough data now for a video call.


Heyy @AndyatFocallocal would you give me few minutes to get to a place where I can have a good internet for a video call.


That’s ok @olivierjm we don’t need to have a video call. I just thought it might be nice to finally meet face to face (through a screen). No worries if that causes you data issues


It’s most important just that you are here :slight_smile:


Oh, i broke the Trello sync without noticing! just fixed it and sending issues from github across


a bit quiet in here. How’s everyone getting on?


Setting up Andy, Will get back to you and @syl soon


Heyy @syl @AndyatFocallocal I have checked out the changes, the ballons really look great to me, let me confirm on the routes.


awesome! there others …watching us, hopefully a few will say hi and join in soon :joy::joy:


Hello, everyone. My name is Maria. I work really well with Meteor and React and I’m delighted to be a part of this community


Welcome @Maria218


Heyy @AndyatFocallocal @syl I have made the discource remain open in case the link was shared. The code doesn’t look neat for this but it is working, I added up on @syl code.


ok. what we’re working towards is having discourse start closed, and open when a user clicks a bubble

on desktop it’ll open halfway. on mobile it’ll open full screen and users can switch between the two by swiping sideways (left and right)


@olivierjm will you tidy the code, or would you like another dev to have a look and refine it when they arrive?