Hackathon 20th and 21st Oct 2018 - Main Thread


I think I’m gonna get some sleep guys. Please do carry on and off anyone shows up take the lead and guide them to the ‘key tasks’

Thank you so much everyone, you’re all heros!!


@olivierjm would you like to solve this when you’re next online?

@kevin.06.huang @faysvas maybe you guys in backup in case we don’t hear from Olivier for a few days?


status on launch, and the hackathon:

we made great progress, but didn’t quite launch.

  • we have 12 Missions in Trello with the title ‘Key Task’, which we need to solve before we can launch, most are simple ones, i.e. update text. add stars - So we are actually very nearly there. With a few team members active this week can push them out during the week and launch.

  • we have some PR’s needing review before merging (please begin your session on the maps by reviewing others PR’s and commenting that you’ve not found any issues, so i can be confident when merging)

  • I need someone’s support to push all code from fl-master to fl-sleeper, and then cherry pick the file we don’t want to move to fl-sleeper.

  • @syl needs someone on our side to push the new comments, photos and videos discourse link across to fl-sleeper too.

  • i’ve already partnered with a few charities who are excited to get our platform to their members asap and begin helping their lives.


@syl our next deadline is for next Tuesday as i’ve been asked by a happiness festival in the Netherlands to use our platform to improve happiness and well-being in their city (focallocal.org), with heaps of marketing behind it.

Hopefully BTM will soft launch by then too and then i’ll organise a hackathon just for marketeers a week or two after.


@AndyatFocallocal, it seems big guns have joined. It would be great if they can have a look at this issue.


done :slight_smile:


@syl Docus thoughts:

  1. it is possible for me to create a thread with default text automatically when each bubble is clicked?

for example when a user click videos or photos i’d want to notify them somehow that we want them to post links to videos and photos, and not to upload videos

we could do that in the main page i guess, like just writing in text ‘post links to other media rather than uploading’ and setting the upload file size low.

  1. i want to pull user notifications into the main page so the user profiles appears seamless and integrated.

one way we could do that would be to pull notifications (just the number) into the button, and then make it so clicking the user profile icon opened Docus on the user’s profile page: https://discuss.focallocal.org/u/AndyatFocallocal/summary

i think that would be a really nice functionality.


that then fully presents discourse/docus as a user profile replacement


Creating a thread when you click on a bubble is difficult.

However, I might be able to implement a feature where you provide a static text that is displayed as a title for the Discourse page:

Notice that, for security reasons, this text cannot be styled.


yes, that would do it. it’s the outcome/functionality i’m most concerned with. users need to be guided to using the thread they’ve arrived in correctly


Not sure how to do that.

This is supported by the current version of Docuss.


Ok, I will look into this.


it’s supported already? so i can add a link/command to our user profile button on focallocal.org and then click it to open docus on the users profile page (or blank if they haven’t signed up/in yet)


@syl also, did your push fix the 404 redirect bug? it seems to be solved… which is great. we just need to pass on the info to Kevin as he was working on it


Bug noticed:

the icons aren’t reacting to the change in screen size


Yes, the command is something like this:

import { dcs } from '/imports/client/utils/dcs-master'

I can help. Just put a console.log('open summary for ${username}') somewhere and I will do the rest.


I did no such thing. It seems AgentBoo did it, see here.


odd. they said they didn’t

i don’t mind, just want to keep everything tidy


@syl I muted Uncategorized to remove it from the home page

I’m planning to set Docus to Uncategorized on the maps to hide them from the home page. Do you see any potential issues?


Will it be possible to default set other URLs to different categories, so we can use the collaborative functionality you intended with Docus better.

For example when we later introduce it to action.focallocal.org

Or on focallocal.org/about
Actually, anywhere other than the /map pages on each site

It will be good to be able to set categories so users on the homepage have a clearer idea what is being talked about