Hackathon 20th and 21st Oct 2018 - Main Thread


wow that is exciting! @faysvashas jumped into issues, and Cedric has just joined. Some good news is very welcome!


and @kevin.06.huang is about to drop a fix for our troublesome 404 issue!!! :slight_smile:


and @badpointer is back and working on the i18n and probably login issues

(just to keep everyone updated as we seem to have floated over to slack)




Yup sorry! Slack is buzzing right now Hahah…


honestly, i’m so happy we’ve got energy and movement again. i needed it :slight_smile:


The delete button is coming along nice. It will be done by end of day pacific. I have other obligations, but I will finish it today in my moments of free time.


@syl. can we push changes to brighter tomorrow map today/tomorrow morning? i have a meeting with a charity CEO here who wants to use the platform to help his users, and i’m wondering if it’s better i reschedule?


@AndyatFocallocal, this can be pushed by today, but I cannot do it myself, as I am not skilled enough with git.


And then plan for some last minute issues…


sure. i think @kevin.06.huang plans to be online towards the end of the hack


The feature to delete a resource has been added. My first pull request I hope it goes well. I have to be gone for many hours. I hope to be on much later to work on something else.


that’s awesome, well done @kyle. I won’t be here later. i’m at 34hrs without sleep now and need to slow at some point. please do carry on though, all the tasks with ‘key task’ in their title in Trello are in the way of our launch. With each one down we are closer, and there’s not many left! :slight_smile:


@syl it’s not a big issue, just one i noticed and wanted to pass on. i believe docus is showing the web version of discourse on mobile devices, which mostly works but a few elements were out of view


also @syl it is looking very cool now :slight_smile:


Can you please describe a bit more?


When clicking an element it opens out of the screen (sent via docus)


Btw, the full screen idea on mobile was 100% the right choice


@AndyatFocallocal, I’ve push the fully working branch here.

It seems there is an issue in the fl_map code that prevents my code from running correctly in some situations: the Page component cannot refresh itself in case of route change. I’m not sure if this is by design or a bug. Someone with react skills will have to address that.

There is something else: my code is based on a terrible hack that consists of matching an Event id made with upper and lower case to a Discourse tag shorter and lower case only. This might work for some time, but one day two different Event ids will match the same Discourse tag. I see several possible fix that I will need to discuss with the devs.


Ok, it looks like we’ll be working together through the week to get it online