Hackathon 20th and 21st Oct 2018 - Main Thread


@AndyatFocallocal I was meaning @syl

if you think there is more critical work you would rather I jump on I can do that instead


No, it’s ok. Sylvan needs support, at least until Olivier who was supporting him yesterday comes back online



@syl that’s me got the branch running locally i’ve got a few questions but I will add them to the git hub issue


@syl @dnmcky can i get an update… i’m falling asleep here with no one else online :confused:

how it going? do you still think it can be ready today?


Things remaining to be done:

  1. Moving Olivier’s code to the App so that search params are managed at the App level (whatever the page).
  2. Adding a selection indicator to ‘Photos’, ‘Videos’, etc. so that we can see which one is selected.
  3. Completing the onDiscourseRouteChange hook. There is a little trick there I will need to explain. It will require requesting some Meteor collections.
  4. Checking with Andy about the UI and making final adjustments.

I’m still working on 1. Because I don’t know React, this is taking a long time.
We’ll need a Meteor guy for 3.


ok, thank you. hopefully someone comes online today.


I will stop working on 1, it’s too time consuming. I will be waiting for someone with React Router experience.
Starting working on 3 to see if I can do anything.
@dnmcky, did you make progress on 2?



I sent you a DM on slack as I wasn’t sure what the correct git flow was for me getting my work to you


ok :slight_smile:


@syl we might have to accept that there is a chance no-one comes to join the hack today. i’ve sent out messages and heard nothing back at all


Yep, I’ve seen that.


frustrating… if half the people who said ‘i’m in for…’ had come we’d be done and polishing things up now :neutral_face:


maybe my mass message should have been more positive. i didn’t really feel that way at the time having sat around exhausted all day waiting some people to come join me. @dnmcky of course, has been here since this morning and been fantastic :slight_smile:



I tagged you in a trello ticket regarding the font color chnage. work is done and on a pr.

There was a mission I saw about adding text to the address form field but I cant see the mission anymore as I actually did some work but stopped to work with syl.


i merged your PR. let me look for that card, it should still be there :slight_smile:


cool cheers


got it :slight_smile:


@badpointer I’ve come across some weird behaviour in the code related to your changes. the i18n pages are now incorrect… but somehow the map is still loading the correct code. from where i’m not sure, its a mystery.

fl-master should point to focallocal.org
fl-sleeper should point to brightertomorrowmap.com

the categories loading in focallocal.org are correct… but the categories in i18n are for the other map: https://github.com/focallocal/fl-maps/blob/master/imports/both/i18n/en/categories.json

also, the text in the post creation window is correct, but the text in i18n is incorrect.

the code in the i18n file is definitely wrong now. it shouldn’t have changed at all during you changes. i’m also very curious why/how focallocal.org is still loading the correct text. also because it was fl-sleeper you updated, and not fl-master. …basically i’m confused. have any ideas what happened??


Back and working on https://trello.com/c/8r0nFg7Z/358-urgent-fl-master-auth-issue


@AndyatFocallocal, the Discourse integration is almost over. I think I will deliver a fully working branch tonight. It will have to be tested and merged, though. Coming back in 3 hours.