Hackathon 20th and 21st Oct 2018 - Main Thread


100% :smile:


let me know if that work goes out alright


@AndyatFocallocal, please disable the dcs-discourse-plugin in the Discourse instance (first checkbox in settings) and check if this solves your SSO issue.


Your pr? We’re self checking so I’ll ask the next person online to review it before I merge


ah yeah cool makes sense


@syl no I still wasn’t able to login. Perhaps you could try quickly before we make a deal out of it, just incase I need to clear my browser data


Changes on Olivier’s side would remain with the plugin off, wouldn’t they?


Yes they would, but no change has been commit to the master branch AFAIK. Is your sign-in issue ocuring on Olivier’s discourse-routes branch?


@dnmcky, are you available to work on the Discourse integration?


No, on fl-master. It must be something else then


I’ll turn the plugin back on


The plugin does some (small) stuff with SSO. I am doubtful it is the culprit here, but keep in mind the only way to be sure it’s innocent is to uninstall it completely (the enable/disable checkbox doesn’t really ensure the plugin doesn’t run).
What I can tell is this: the plugin hasn’t been changed lately, so if the issue is new, then the plugin is innocent.


I last logged in yesterday morning, then stayed logged in


I’ll ask someone to hunt for it


I have a suspicion is not docus related @syl will keep you updated. Thank you for getting on it so early on a Sunday (it got quiet in here for a few hours)


you still looking at the discourse integration at the moment?


Yep, I am


anything I can give you a hand with at the moment?


That would be great! Here is what remains to be done. I’m working on 1. Maybe you can do 2.


First get my “docuss” branch here.