Hackathon 20th and 21st Oct 2018 - Main Thread


so a user could enter an end date before the start date. would you mind checking that please


Sure thing!
Thanks for following up with that.


Getting food quick BRB


Might have found the issue…


Let me know when you want it merged


Done. Should be ready to go.


Awesome. It should go live in around 8 mins. Also I’ve made a dirty solution to easily check the correct branches are pushed to. It’ll do for this weekend :slight_smile:


what was your solution?


I added text to the title of every issue


V simple review at the end of the hack


@badpointer Strange. I can’t login to test it using Google Auth. Also strange, the maps use discourse as an SEO provider so I should already be logged in


Yup, something recently has broken sign in on the map for me. Can you or anyone replicate the issue I’m having?


@syl @olivierjm is it likely your work broke the SSO login? As they are related


It’s working fine in btm.com which makes it more likely to be caused by the focus integration


Temporary issue, my battery is dying. I’ll need to save it for when I’m needed until the cafés open in 3hrs.

If you need me for anything, or are a new Dev joining in our hack please WhatsApp or SMS me so I know to come online: 00447479762254

If not, keep on grabbing the key tasks from Trello. With a strong push on the second day we can still get this launched and out to the world!


Sorry went away for a bit.


Going to bed. I’ll be up in the morning.
Also I found an issue with the Home Page using some Auth state to toggle a button.
I detailed it out, should be a quick to figure out what it needs to do and pass the correct props to that component.


Awesome, see you tomorrow!


Anyone around?


@dnmcky hey Dan. I see your back and on it! :sunglasses::sunglasses: