Hackathon 20th and 21st Oct 2018 - Main Thread


BTW are you looking to have this branch structure for fl-sleeper too?


i tagged you in two other PR’s, did the notification not go through?


the idea is that the core code will be identical, then we’ll add certain specialisations to each branch


I just got the tags now…
Didn’t show up earlier.


@badpointer and absolutely there’s heaps to do! only give as much as you’d like but i’m more than happy to keep throwing issues at you. actually its just all the ones marked ‘key issue’ in trello. those are the ones we need to resolve in order to launch. there’s a lot, but we are moving well. it all depends how many people come online tomorrow :slight_smile:


7pm here Still have time to kill :slight_smile:


2am here and i’m in a nightclub with 2 laptops… avoiding drunk people is an interesting challenge.

also great, thank you! i could pick one for you, but really it is all of the ones marked ‘Key Task’, i’ll let you pick one that sounds fun :slight_smile:


fixed another PR merge conflict


well done. a little worrying there are so many


So many PR? or issues?


just this one, i tagged you in it. i’m surprised you can’t see them. can you send me your email, i’m not sure you’re added to github correctly



@badpointer fixed it. you’re now a member of our Github :slight_smile:


@badpointer https://github.com/focallocal/fl-maps/pull/720


@AndyatFocallocal Awesome!


Yea going over that now.


Issue #686 Both: In date selector, add navigation buttons to jump forwards and backwards a year
which PR #720 added.
What functionality are you expecting for jumping forward and backwards?


the calender’s view moves forwards 1 year to save users needing to click so many times


so they can advance by one month, or one year (very useful for yearly recurring activities)


Yea it looks good to me. Going to send image of the Dropdown and approve PR.


nice!. one question, they mentioned that it wasn’t validating correctly