How can you get to know the people you should meet, better and faster


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I just wanted to share a quick technique i’ve experimented with successfully and added to my tool box, which is helping me to connect with people around me much faster and better. Networking People networking hear so many project pitches, few will match perfectly or really interest them. How can you make yours stand out? The answer is don’t. Drop the pitch. Getting to know the person behind the project is far more valuable, and what they want to know is what drives you, so i’ve been asking ‘what change are you trying to make in this world?’. Straight away cutting down to the core of what motivates you both. If your mission overlaps you’ve met someone who wants to work with you to achieve that change and you will both want to find a way to support each other, or collaborate. If not you can far easier direct each other to someone they should speak to. This technique came out of a conversation at the Angel Island Un-conference and transformed networking for me. Give it a try, it has been producing far quicker and more valuable connections for me. Social Life The key to effective networking is actually wanting to know…