Part 3: We are the World Record Holders for the Worlds Longest Group Hug! a positive protest at inactivity on the homelessness crisis in the UK


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Part 1: Build Up Part 2: The Hug Day 1 The End After that long, panic stricken 1st day and the lonely night still sending out messages for people to come help, things began getting smoother. We began coasting. Each of us had out spells of thinking we should stop and drop out on that last day, but the other two and supporters were always there as we neared the end, and mostly it began going a lot easier. Some might call it dastardly, but i hadn’t told my hug partners that the previous world record was 26 hours, to help them avoid clock watching – and they hadn’t checked it. We’d already broken it by 5 hours when i decided it was time and told them. They took it rather well and after some discussion we all decided to push on and hit the 36hr mark. Why break something when you can smash it! Musicians came to join us, Focallocal members i haven’t seen in years came to offer support. As the end neared more and more people showed up, a party atmosphere grew and honestly the last 2 hours despite the pain were just singing, dancing and fun.…