Part 2: We are the World Record Holders for the Worlds Longest Group Hug! a positive protest at inactivity on the homelessness crisis in the UK


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The Hug Lets get it out the way 1st, i know you’re already wondering. Toileting. We decided to submit our record bid to Guinness who actually require that anyone breaking an endurance record takes a 5 min break every hour… i guess at some point their records got a little messy so they introduced that. During the day that meant a run to the nearby pub, at night i had a pop up tent with a little camping toilet in it. Arriving at Westminster Tube station dripping sweat from rushing around with the heavy box, i felt like a watery zombie. I put the box down and pulled a muscle in my back. The others were running late so i spent the next 40mins considering the pulled muscle, and every single hour that i hadn’t slept the past week. Major disaster 1: Half asleep i connected the battery to the inverter …backwards blowing all 5 fuses. Not to worry i built redundancy into my planning and had a 12v cigarette socket that could also recharge our cameras.I plugged that in and tested it… nothing. Wiggled it every direction imaginable, still nothing. It worked 2 days ago when i last tested it, it must work……