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This is the gateway to our site. it should be soo beautiful, like a snap shot of all the millions of joyful smiles and positive action projects to benefit lives that we’ve created over the years. Its not, can you bring our community to life?

You’ll find suggested videos and tasks in ‘Missions’, when complete share your success with the community in the Hero Hub > Missions Complete

Andy :0)


@albert_kai is going to bring his skills and kindness on to challenge this to improve the current homepage, and also use that as a template for the

He’s going to start with the current ones and, and improve them, keeping the same Menu (the Megamenu) and probably the same login. i’ve sent over improved text already.

@albert_kai you’ll notice that the Megamenu on only has 1 icon ‘about us’ on the left. this is because its a stand alone project built by us, and within the Focallocal eco-system. Users we’re confused by clicking them and being led to our main site, so we’re only going to have the ‘about us’ menu icon there.

more notes:

it would be really good if you guys, @spartano @ydaniel98 couldhave a chat and give Albert any advice he needs to know about the current tech stack, homepage and integrations he’ll need to keep/have in the new home page he is building


@albert_kai hi, i am Victor and i would like to help if possible with the development.


@albert_kai Hi Albert, welcome to the project!



what adventures are waiting for me?
here’s the Intro vid link:
(its very out of date and one of our community is working on a new one so we’ll be changing it shortly)

our mission

is there a 3rd video still? or just two now?
i’m going to have an animated video made for the brighter tomorrow map, so we could use that to showcase the projects we work on.


@kirstystubbs @Rula the new homepage is finally complete

its been a real struggle, and we are waiting to hear from @henrik before we can move it to the main home directory, but here it is: