Free Hugs Procession 2018 London - Edinburgh



Which edits are these? Can you print screen and paste it here? This forum can handle full page copy/pasting



No, those aren’t right. Where did you find them?

Sarah posted the correct ones above, althpugh we’ve just added a one day break in Newark on Trent


Got a few people offering places to stay now thanks to your amazing efforts.


@vernonmarkjames @sarah.michel @Irene

Guys, you probably noticed I’ve been a bit quiet. For 2 reasons I want to push the march back by a week.

  1. the app isn’t ready yet, so we have nothing to direct people to or promote

  2. I did 2 months work for a company, including driving my van around every day and paying hundreds in fuel costs. they are having ‘financial problems’ and can’t pay me yet. I can’t even afford the train into central London to start the event.


Ah that’s a shame mate.

Have you made a final decision on that?


Yeah. I can’t afford to get to the start point and our app isn’t ready so beginning as planned really isn’t an option.

An extra week should be enough to find solutions. Also, i’m thinking about hosting a project planning session at the house i’m in at Leytonstone this weekend if anyone would like to come along :slight_smile:


here’s the updated schedule:

We aim to have a Free Hugs activity arranged every afternoon when Andy arrives
(even if that is just 2 or 3 people giving Free Hugs in their town/village)

07/07 - Free hugs in Trafalgar Square
Trafalgar Sq - Cheshunt. 7th - 8th
Cheshunt - Buntingford. 8th - 9th
Buntingford - Cambridge. 9th - 10th
Cambridge - Huntingdon. 10th - 11th
Huntingdon - Peterborough. 11th - 12th
Peterborough - Bourne. 12th - 13th
Bourne - Grantham. 13th - 14th
Grantham - Newark on Trent. 14th - 16th
(Free Hugs all day on the 15th in Newark)
Newark on Trent - Retford. 16th - 17th
Retford - Doncaster. 17th - 18th
Doncaster - Selby. 18th - 19th
Selby - York. 19th - 20th
York - Thirsk. 20th - 21st
Thirsk - Catterick. 21st - 22nd
Catterick - Bowes. 22nd - 23rd
Bowes - Middleton-in-Teesdale. 23rd - 24th
Middleton-in-Teesdale - Dufton. 24th - 25th
Dufton - Alston. 26th - 27th
Alston - Greenhead. 27th - 28th
Greenhead - Bellingham. 28th - 29th
Bellingham - Byrness. 29th - 30th
Byrness - Jedburgh. 30th - 31st
Jedburgh - Melrose. 31st - 1st
Melrose - Innerleithen. 1st - 2nd
Innerleithen - Penicuik. 2nd - 3rd
Edinburgh. 3rd


I think the open route map gets easily disturbed/confused. I find I need to load the original link from Trello from time to time


Just a thought, we could contact schools (any age group) in the town’s and villages if I arrive there on week days.

I’d be happy to give them a talk at their morning assembly about why I’m breaking a world record, Public Happiness, or how they can make this world a little better with a little kindness their daily actions. If they could help me find a couch, shower, breakfast


this might be useful for some of you :slight_smile:


@irene here’s where we’ve been plotting happiness and hugs :slight_smile:


@vernonmarkjames @sarah.michel the walk sounded like it was going to be a little too easy… so there is an 85% chance i’m going to be carrying this beautiful lady up with me

She’s too young to walk that far so i’ll be carrying her in a kangaroo style pouch large carry case full of comfy things to nap on. We should mention that there is likely to be a puppy coming along to people we write to :slight_smile:

My schools idea above, the kids will love that


Also need to make sure people you will be staying with are ok with having a dog int heir homes as well… :slight_smile:


thanks for your feedback everyone, and the private messages i received. i was finding this an extremely difficult decision to make so i needed help. I think the puppy is too young to go on this walk and is only going to have 2 days to get to know me before we leave.

also despite your excellent efforts we also had only found a few couches so far on the way up, and i’d been struggling to find a safe place to leave my van for a month. so it makes sense to drive up in the van where she’ll have a stable place to feel at home in.

its just not worth risking making worse the insecurity issues she probably has already from being a rescue dog. when she’s a few months older we can try to create a world record again. the most important part of the project was in advertising our new app, and i can do that by driving to each of the 26 villages/towns anyway.

it also means you guys are welcome to join me along the way if you want to take a few days off, i have a spare bed in the van :slight_smile:


@vernonmarkjames @sarah.michel

i want to apologise to you both for changing the plan so much. i wasn’t expecting to be adopting a puppy before leaving… and i still haven’t heard back from them if its going through in time. hopefully i’ll know tomorrow.

@irene you don’t get an apology because i think you want me to adopt her about as much as i want me to adopt her :stuck_out_tongue:


Please no need to apologise! Just sorry there’s been little time investment from me this week. Anything I can help with today/tomorrow?


i still haven’t heard anything about the puppy so it makes planning tough, although ill still be running activities in each location and giving talks on Public Happiness and the benefits to your own life and community of acts of kindness - if any schools/uni’s, cafe’s etc, would like to host them.

We need to decide what the next Public Happiness meeting will focus on. I suggest:

  • half on promoting the launch of by getting people to post their own activities on there - to bring more people into taking action on all projects and the community in general

  • half on beginning to form a team of people to get resources onto the Brighter Tomorrow Map so it’s got some things already on there when it’s ready to launch

#37 is almost ready! we now just need the comments section working and we can begin pushing it out. I’d love your feedback!

i’m still going in circles on the puppy i’m afraid, feels like i’ve been messed around endlessly by them after being told it could be completed in a few days. i know i should have ignored the adoption offer and carried on with the walk, but i don’t think anyone in our community understands quite how lonely the life i’ve built for myself can be. i often go 4, 5, maybe 6 days without saying a spoken word to anyone as i build online and manage teams, hoping to create a positive change in the world. that puppy felt like the absolutely perfect fit for filling a gap.


Just to give everyone a quick update.

The walk didn’t happen because I decided to adopt a rescue puppy I was offered, we hadn’t found enough people to meet on the way yet, and also the app wasn’t ready. With all of those things it seemed better to put it back for a while.

Unfortunately the day before I adopted our new puppy they emailed me saying they’d chamber their mind and failed my application… not sure why, I think it was because I was pushing to get it done before the walk started so we could drive the route to Scotland together.

The app still isn’t ready I’m afraid. We’re half a day’s work away but all the developers have become busy at the same time. This happens often, when one drops back the momentum is lost and so I’ve put ads out to try and get more developers involved to get us to launch. Might be today, might be 3 weeks. Sorry I just can’t tell.

Aside from building the monthly meetings We’re all in limbo a bit until the Devs get the comments section built. @sarah.michel the homelessness map is ready to add resources too, just not ready for people who are homeless to use (they can’t accept offers without the comment system)