Free Hugs Procession 2018 London - Edinburgh



thanks Sarah. Yes after doing a quick search looks like it is Huntingdon (a town famous for all the wrong reasons)


good thinking :slight_smile:


good spot, i’ve updated trello


@vernonmarkjames and @sarah.michel i want to communicate to everyone invited that we want them to join in from their city too if they aren’t in the UK.

They aren’t going to read anything other than the title, so we either

  1. add to the title ‘join in where you live too’


  1. create a second World Free Hug event and invite people to both, sharing all the social media i create from the walk to get people excited about the second.


I can’t make a call on that one Andy. I’m more drawn to the second one as long as it doesn’t take people’s attention away from London-Edinburgh.


Ok, it could be fun if we set it for the day i arrive in edinburgh… and give me more incentive to push through. i’ve discovered most people who do this type of thing often set their targets at 25miles/day …a lot of my days are 30+ miles.

Also, i’m going to hammer the times and daily distance Eddie Izzard set it seems, then i also discovered he was highly flexible with his use of the word ‘run’

So i should really take a rest day in the middle in case i need it to catch up as it seems i’m being very ambitious. I can perhaps source a fold up chair and sit by a river giving Free Hugs to everyone who passes. Where are you up to with the CS messages Sarah? i’ll pick a point after that.


I’m up to Grantham so far? but no responses yet, I will do Newark and Retford today - Do you want to continue from after Retford?
Are you in touch with this group?
Sarah x


Not yet, would you like to send them a message? it always carries more weight when its coming from someone else rather than directly. i’ll finish writing an article about it tonight and you can send that to them :slight_smile:

Newark on Trent looks like a nice place to have a day sitting by the river, while also offering Free Hugs to keep the event unbroken :slight_smile:

Also, well done @vernonmarkjames i’ve seen your messages and some replies already. Great effort!


No probs Andy. I see there’s some edits on the Open Route map. Are these venues & people you are teaming up with ? Just had some contact from someone in Bowes btw. Will update asap.


Which edits are these? Can you print screen and paste it here? This forum can handle full page copy/pasting



No, those aren’t right. Where did you find them?

Sarah posted the correct ones above, althpugh we’ve just added a one day break in Newark on Trent


Got a few people offering places to stay now thanks to your amazing efforts.


@vernonmarkjames @sarah.michel @Irene

Guys, you probably noticed I’ve been a bit quiet. For 2 reasons I want to push the march back by a week.

  1. the app isn’t ready yet, so we have nothing to direct people to or promote

  2. I did 2 months work for a company, including driving my van around every day and paying hundreds in fuel costs. they are having ‘financial problems’ and can’t pay me yet. I can’t even afford the train into central London to start the event.


Ah that’s a shame mate.

Have you made a final decision on that?


Yeah. I can’t afford to get to the start point and our app isn’t ready so beginning as planned really isn’t an option.

An extra week should be enough to find solutions. Also, i’m thinking about hosting a project planning session at the house i’m in at Leytonstone this weekend if anyone would like to come along :slight_smile:


here’s the updated schedule:

We aim to have a Free Hugs activity arranged every afternoon when Andy arrives
(even if that is just 2 or 3 people giving Free Hugs in their town/village)

07/07 - Free hugs in Trafalgar Square
Trafalgar Sq - Cheshunt. 7th - 8th
Cheshunt - Buntingford. 8th - 9th
Buntingford - Cambridge. 9th - 10th
Cambridge - Huntingdon. 10th - 11th
Huntingdon - Peterborough. 11th - 12th
Peterborough - Bourne. 12th - 13th
Bourne - Grantham. 13th - 14th
Grantham - Newark on Trent. 14th - 16th
(Free Hugs all day on the 15th in Newark)
Newark on Trent - Retford. 16th - 17th
Retford - Doncaster. 17th - 18th
Doncaster - Selby. 18th - 19th
Selby - York. 19th - 20th
York - Thirsk. 20th - 21st
Thirsk - Catterick. 21st - 22nd
Catterick - Bowes. 22nd - 23rd
Bowes - Middleton-in-Teesdale. 23rd - 24th
Middleton-in-Teesdale - Dufton. 24th - 25th
Dufton - Alston. 26th - 27th
Alston - Greenhead. 27th - 28th
Greenhead - Bellingham. 28th - 29th
Bellingham - Byrness. 29th - 30th
Byrness - Jedburgh. 30th - 31st
Jedburgh - Melrose. 31st - 1st
Melrose - Innerleithen. 1st - 2nd
Innerleithen - Penicuik. 2nd - 3rd
Edinburgh. 3rd


I think the open route map gets easily disturbed/confused. I find I need to load the original link from Trello from time to time


Just a thought, we could contact schools (any age group) in the town’s and villages if I arrive there on week days.

I’d be happy to give them a talk at their morning assembly about why I’m breaking a world record, Public Happiness, or how they can make this world a little better with a little kindness their daily actions. If they could help me find a couch, shower, breakfast


this might be useful for some of you :slight_smile: