Meteor Version 1.5 Update


@spartano. would the map work if we went through and reverted all of the changes except for the ones made on that specific update?


nope, i have tried it all day long and merged one commit, one by one, it still breaks.


@mh.kaya i’d like to prioritise getting SSL set up on this forum so we can use it to improve the teams efficiency. right now i’m getting messages from everywhere, and the team aren’t communicating as well as they should be with each other. i believe push notifications is the main reason, which should be fixed by SSL.

There was a guide in the forum i linked previously:

we’re all looking forwards to your updates being copied over again. it was unfortunate we weren’t able to find the previous bug

Also, @ydaniel98 has returned and you guys should talk about the new time selector. i think he has some valuable input as he built the current one


note: if any users feel strongly that they’d prefer slack we can also set up webhooks from the main ‘meteor maps’ thread, to autopost into slack. i’ve done this before, its fairly easy. they would miss out on a lot of functionality and discussion over here though



@mh.kaya can we get an update on when you’ll be able to copy the updates you’ve made back into the master fork please.

i’d suggest not waiting too long in case other people’s code in the future prevents a simple copy/paste as it would overwrite theirs


well i try to confugure ssl at the momenet ı have installed virtualbox ubuntu local and try to make ssl work at local then i will move works to production the only question in my mind we can create self signed ssl is it be ok for these futures to be actived? Hovever we may have to buy a ssl from a ssl company ? for this kind of operation do we have budget finincial aid? regards. By the way ı was busy with universty of my bro thats is why i was for from team.


@mh.kaya i believe you can simply use

we operate without any budget at all at the moment. i will use our Kindness Auction Project to raise some money to cover hosting as we grow and am open to ideas for raising funds if we need them for something

i hope things went well with your brothers university


@mh.kaya can we use free tls certificates for this? It requires renewing as a downside, but its FREE! :slight_smile:


yes, thats another one people say many good things about. i’m happy to use that

can we automate renewing?