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@Andy_at_Focallocal The time selector is now 24 hours


If we let users use which ever format they want, that will create confusion.


Some users might choose to use different time-zones and possibly not include enough information.


@Andy_at_Focallocal Anything specific about what is causing the confusion within the date/time window?


there’s just too much going on right now. people arent sure what to add. its not one thing and so the solution isnt simple. it needs a few people to sit around and discuss solutions.

the opening window is absolutely fine. when they click ‘more than one day’ it becomes difficult to use unless you are good with tech and patient.

it doesn’t help that all the changes i made to labels got rolled back. they aren’t in il8n, and it took a long time to find the perfect words to fit both maps. for instance ‘date’ isn’t helpful. ‘starting date (or click today’s date if active now)’ would tell the user what to do.

the next thing i see is ‘set times equal’. i haven’t entered any times so i’d have to use a level of intuition to guess what to do with the box.

i think we discussed a tickbox grid earlier, like this

X - select all… X click if same times each day {hides all boxes in this column except monday}
Days:…Hours: (please use 24hr format)
Mon [ ]…Starting time…Ending time
Tues [ ]…Starting time…Ending time
Wed [ ]…Starting time…Ending time
Thurs[ ]…Starting time…Ending time
Fri [ ]…Starting time…Ending time
Sat [ ]…Starting time…Ending time
Sun [ ]…Starting time…Ending time

users will not want to open a window and select an hour 14 times as required now. if they could type a numerical value directly into the box they are already looking at that would be significantly faster for them. we’d need to validate that data and throw a notification say ‘please enter in this format hh:mm using the 24hour clock’ if they made a mistake

How often should be moved to be the last question and changed to ‘Recurring’ as the language is more specific about its function

those changes i think would work. or super simple with just a text box


We can change the wording. How about ‘Same time every day’


Also, that layout gave a lot of trouble because of autoform and materialize


Which is why I went with the grid design.


i know you worked hard on it. users are trying to use it now and finding it too difficult so we need to find a way to simplify.

i’ve received more messages saying they tried and gave up, than we have listings so the majority of users are currently failing to complete.

what are the issues with having a tick box next to the day, as you have now. put them into one column. and then put a text entry field next to each day?


Also, allowing a text box is going to make moderation harder. It’s best to restrict user’s options.


Autoform automatically puts check boxes in a different line. I tried a few things but couldn’t get it line up properly


if the text box had validation to only allow entries posted in 24hr clock, like 13:32, and a warning message came up if they made a mistake. that would remove any moderation


Well, that’s basically what we have now, expect it launches the selector after clicking on it.


Maybe, having the ‘times equal’ checkbox checked by default could help


indeed. if an a resource or activity is on 6 days a week at different times. the user has to open that box and select the time 12 times, which is an unrealistic expectation. very few will.

did you try this method:


That way there are less options, unless they are planning to have multiple times


we are using materialize


i’m not sure. this is the same issue:


I looked at all of those, I had no luck.


How about having the ‘set times equal’ selected by default?