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@spartano @ydaniel98 would you guys also please advise @mh.kaya on how to create a pull request on github. (i think the way i’m currently doing it is not best practice)

he has created his own fork

" may you tell me which button or link at which are of web app should have be able to pull request? if you ask for git hup ı have uploaded the codes at my fork over server ? nsrtky/[email protected] "


@mh.kaya re. SSL

the guide i put in the Github request had all the steps to set up an SSL cert.

if not there are a few free SSL’s around now, like:



@mh.kaya @Andy_at_Focallocal Hi and welcome. the steps to do a pull request are the folowing:
You first create a fork of fl-maps.
Then you clone you’re fork on youre computer.
You set up 2 remotes: you’re fork named origin, and the fl-maps named upstream
Before begining working on the code, you always pull everithing from upstream inside you’re master, then you crete a new branch, example - fixingBug
When you are ready to upload the code, you create a push on you’re ORIGIN remote.
Lastly, you go on github, inside you’re fork page, and you will see a button – CREATE PULL REQUEST

That’s it.

The most important thing before starting is to ALWAYS pull everithing from the UPSTREAM remote, ALWAYS :slight_smile:

If you have any more questions i am here.


@spartano its just getting that time-selector working that we urgently need!


@spartano that would be great. it seems like such a small thing. i mean we could even pull it right out and just stick another time selector plugin in there


@AndyatFocallocal Let me know what you think. Would this be an improvement for the admin dashboard?


yes, that looks nice. i’m wondering if we should do something similar with the 1st auto-loading pop up window and make the boxes click-able. it isn’t great from a ux/ui perspective right now

also, i’m wondering how we can make the legend more clear. most users don’t find it right now


@ydaniel98 i tried pushing changes to the streetsleeper homepage but received an error message

PS D:\Desktop\Users\Andy\Documents\GitHub\fl-maps> git push origin street-sleeper
! [rejected] street-sleeper -> street-sleeper (non-fast-forward)
error: failed to push some refs to '
hint: Updates were rejected because a pushed branch tip is behind its remote
hint: counterpart. Check out this branch and integrate the remote changes
hint: (e.g. ‘git pull …’) before pushing again.


might be related: i’ve been unable to use the git add . command for a long time

it stopped working. i’ve uninstalled and reinstalled atom and the map files, but it didnt fix it - so i’ve been using

git commit -a -m “message”

git push origin master or street-sleeper

as a work around for the past few months


@Andy_at_Focallocal I just pushed v1 of the new godmode dashboard, let me know what you think.
Also, make sure that everything is up to date before pushing. I can push it for you if you want, just send me the i18n file.


i replied to you on github as it was urgent and you weren’t online here


what happens when two people push at the same time?


my changes were 99% in street-sleeper


the map has the updates, although if you click the + button it is switching back and forth between ‘new gather’ and ‘offer a resource’ - so something isn’t totally right with it


also, can you please add the urls for the buttons on the homepage to il8n. i changed them, but anytime you update master it will over-ride them. right now it has reverted to loading the gather map when you click them

updated code:

<a class="waves-effect waves-light btn-large" href="">{{_ "home.btns.1"}}</a>
          <a class="waves-effect waves-light btn-large" href="">{{_ "home.btns.2"}}</a>

i’ve tried myself but it won’t build in localhost so i haven’t pushed the changes.

edit: i made the changes directly in the home.html page on street sleeper. it will need to be added to il8n for a long-term fix


@ydaniel98 - the new admin area looks amazing! i love it

i’m not sure what is the next priority. its a toss up between:
1 - adding subcategories and the ability to reorganise their order to alleviate overcrowding
2 - adding an XML sitemap
3 - setting up SSL on this forum so we receive push notifications and can communicate better
4 - seeking advice on how to make that initial modal popup better from a UX perspective as users are confused by it now


if anyone comes online. i’ve taken our map out for a walk in the wild:

its beginning to get views, but there’s an annoying bug with the mobile version i missed and can’t seem to resolve. the logo is pushing into the menu and the 1st paragraph is squished


@ydaniel98 that bug on mobile is still there. it seems you succeeded in fixing the logo being pushed upwards into the menu, but the 1st paragraph ‘a path to…’ is still on top of the title below it ‘the brighter…’

i tried again but wasn’t able to work out the cause

also, i’ve had reports of people unable to click the ‘submit’ button at the end of the modal windows. it sounds like the fix you put was overwritten when we rolled back - the one to not let users move forwards a window until all fields were complete. can you check and put it back if needed plz


@Andy_at_Focallocal I pushed a fix for the text and a few other things. I haven’t been able to replicate the summit button bug.


@ydaniel98 i was thinking about the time/date selector window. people are struggling with it.

what if we just went with:

starting date:
(enter today’s date if it is currently available)

end date:

or tick if unknown [ ]

Time/s: [Text Entry Box]
(start/end, days of the week, opening hours)

and just let the user enter the info in whatever format works for them. displayed in a text box. its not as polished, but it would remove the complexity which is turning all but the most determined users away right now. the listings would just just show until midnight the night selected in their current time zone

what do you think, can we simply the current functions or would the above solution work better?