Meteor Maps



Added to the code? The environments are not compatible.


I think it already links to, if not we can change it.


The ‘About us’ button that is.


the problem is that the menu needs to be the same in every area of the website. because it uses different platforms that is the only thing which ties the experience together for the user


am i able to access this page to make some css edits?


That would require some work.


Yes, but you have to deploy manually.


yes. it was in the design brief. i think Albert was rushing a bit. i’m going to need to change a few things, and add different photos

i should be able to do that via github i think. i’ll have a go now


ok. I removed most of the unused (usually standard) in the react meteor environment.


So It should be simpler to work with.


ok. i can just delete those image files and add new ones, if i give them the same name (friends.jpg) cant i?


Yes, but be sure that they are the same size.


i seem to have broken the fonts. never seen them displayed like that before

would you mind setting the text to: proxima nova
and the headers to: roboto please

on this page:


@ydaniel98next time you’re online can you please push the changes i’ve made


if i’ve made any mistakes i can revert and fix them tomorrow morning


It’s ready to go. I fixed a few syntax errors and one small style error.




Sitemap needed. right now this is what a search engine see’s when looking for our site or map:

so, most of our site is not being indexed. i’ve posted a guide i found online for installing a package to make Meteor search engine friendly here:


hi i want to see mongodb collections via robo 3t 1.1 that is mongodb managment tool codes rise coordinates undefined errors ı have deactive its checking code blok so it gave me a work around solution but it will be use full to see database via managment tool.
l have created a issue over github also may you check it ?


@ydaniel98 @spartano guys, @mh.kaya has been trying to resolve the time selector bug. i think he has found the issues, can you please have a look at what he found and see what it is, and whether you know how to resolve it