Meteor Maps



Yes, there is no need to change index.html



That’s where the DNS has to point


thanks. if i add that to cloudflare A value it should work …right?


Yes, it should.


p.s. that the one which is linked to the gather map, right?


Yes, but you have to link to and it’s a different port.


it says thats an invalid address. cloudflare wants an ip4 address


Check the gather one for reference


i think the last 4 digits were incorrect


*not needed


The port?


That has to be set on a separate field I think.


ok, i’ve got it. still needs a few changes i think


glad its finally up though


is it a easy job to copy our mega menu over from the gather map?


i mean, just switch the two elements


Unfortunately no


I would have to setup materialize and that could mess up the styles


oh. thats annoying, it was in the design description from the beginning

ok, i’ll send some improvements over to Albert for when he gets a chance. thanks for your help getting it up!

can you replace the gather map homepage with this one and copy the text there over. i’ll edit it asap