Meteor Maps



in the brightertomorrowmap it’ll be to the map and list view, and once its live i’m going to spend some time improving the wording. for now it can just have the same text as the current gather home page

thanks so much, its been forever since we’ve had a homepage that is good enough to show people. also, we’ve had a few people interested in joining the map build so hopefully they’ll turn up here soon and add their skills to this amazing thing we’re building!


let me know when its live and i’ll remove the redirect


if its easy to add the button, text and external links into il8r that would be helpful :slight_smile:




It’s already live, but it’s not finished yet.


ok, i’ll remove the redirect …as soon as i remember where i set it


@ydaniel. ok i found my temporary redirect. it was in the index.html on

after i remove it, how will i make the new intro page load at is it something i set in the htaccess file?


@Andy_at_Focallocal You have to do it through the Domain host like we did last time for the sleeper map. Also, there are three buttons near the bottom of the page. What are they supposed to link to?


Watch + Share

Read + Write

Tools + Apparel


@ydaniel98 i’m struggling to remember how we did it last time. i’ve not fully got my head around how meteor works without an index.html.

what should i enter, and in cloudflare? cpanel? or the hosts admin panel?


…maybe something. i’m looking for DNS settings, right?


@Andy_at_Focallocal Yes. I don’t remember what we did to redirect, but once you modify the DNS settings that won’t matter.


ok, what should i change them to, to load the new homepage?


the site is done, check all the buttons and links to make sure they work as intended.


lol. i’d love to, but i have to find out how to get it to load 1st


ok, i found the nameservers on the company our domain is registered on


everything seems to point to cloudflare, which has this A name set:

which is correct isnt it?


You have to use the maps server along with a port


Do you consider it safe to share it here?


we couldn’t get it to redirect before so i set the manual redirect in index.html. if i remove it the homepage will be index.html at how can i change something so loads the new homepage?

is there an ip address i need to enter somewhere?