Meteor Maps



can you get one from local host?


It’s easier to keep them separate because there would be no need for translating it. And I was trying to avoid setting up the environment.


would it be resource hungry to set them as stand alone apps and just add links to our current map?


not really


If it’s a static website there isn’t much resource demand aside from the initial request to load the page.


if we set the url to redirect to would that solve it


Even if we keep them separate, there is still some clean up to do to make production ready (mostly left over auto generated code from what I could tell)


And keep it on the maps server?


ok, let’s do that. do you have access to vultr?


Yeah. I have to go somewhere right now. I’ll get started on it after I get back.


I’m on it. There are a few missing links. Let me know which buttons we are keeping (footer).




@ydaniel98 everything you need should be here:


I’m having deployment issues. I can’t get it to deploy.


i’m not sure if i can help. anything you need me to do i can. i’ll be going to sleep soon, so if you need something let me know


@Andy_at_Focallocal I’ll try again tomorrow.


thank you


@Andy_at_Focallocal I managed to fix it. The app was built using an updated version of meteor which was not compatible with our server setup. Since it’s single page static app, I removed most packages and migrated to an older version of meteor. I’ll add the links and redeploy. Can map to “maps server ip”:9089?


What are the buttons ‘Use your skills’ and ‘Meet locals’ supposed to do?


use your skills is here:

meet locals is here: