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@Andy_at_Focallocal Looks good. I’ll implement it after I’m done with participant limits.


Hi @albert_kai, Andy tells me that you are working on implementing the new homepage onto the map. Would you like me to help out? On the weekend maybe?


@ydaniel98 people are still unable to input listings with the time and date modal. they are struggling with both entering the time and date, and also navigating when a dropdown appears in the modal windows.

i posted a potential solution to the dropdown menus above. i’m working on a mockup for how we can improve UX on the time/date modal (with minimal changes) now.


looking at it, the main issue seems to be the dropdown selectors. we need to make those popup modal windows which are the same size as the original modal window


@Andy_at_Focallocal How will the colour of the event be decided?


well, ideally a mix of colours, or outer rings made up from all the colours selected. i realise that might be difficult to code though.


if that would be difficult to build, perhaps a set colour which they all default to when there is more than one category selected. so if i filter for showers they would all still show up, just the ones with other resources available would be a different colour


How about having a main category for the colour?


can you expand that idea a bit?


oh, i think i’m following. so users would select what the primary resource/activity is, right?


Yup. And then all the secondary ones they want.


a multicoloured dot would look better visually.

if primary and secondary category selection is easier that also works fine. it would need to be in the same window when selecting, so the 1st click would be labelled primary and other selections would be secondary - rather than selecting a primary, then a new window for secondary choices. that would be annoying as most resources listed would be a single category


also, just a small edit. remember we were going to change the text in the date selector. i forget exactly what it was now. i think it was:

from ‘date’

to ‘available on / from’


ok, drop everything for a second!

@albert_kai has finished the new homepage. Lets set it live asap!!

here it is:

and the page we want to combine it with is at here:

loading at the following urls:

  2. (I’ll update the text once it’s live)

i assume we’d have to do it via the server?



@Andy_at_Focallocal I’m not done yet. I expect to finish today. I fixed the times drop down issue. Still working on the category selection.


And yes. We do have to do it through the server. I’m not sure which server is hosting though.

#37 is hosted on a server which doesn’t support meteor. does that mean i’ll have to use a permanent redirect to make the page appear to be at i think google’s search ranking really dislikes that on a homepage


i don’t want to interrupt the excellent work you are doing, but i have a very angry documentary maker threatening to quit filming because i’ve told him the new intro page is ‘coming soon’ for over a month. he’s literally calling me every day right now.

if you could help me get it live asap that would be a tremendous help!


@Andy_at_Focallocal Are you sure the server can’t run Meteor? Because I’m not sure that running another app on the maps server is a good idea.


can we integrate the new code into the current app?