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our server seems to be running out of memory when i try to update


@albert_kai any updates on the SSL setup?


how’s it going Greg?


@ReactJS i had some interest in translating from a project in Germany. are we at the point where that would be possible/useful? i’m assuming that via i18n it would be quite simple to do, right?


@Andy_at_Focallocal Yes.


Something to keep in mind for the future.


@ydaniel98 can you make an issue in Github if you haven’t already. unless someone would like to tackle it now


@ReactJS Guys this is an open question. After the Reddit post went viral i had 37 Developers ask if they could join in. I spent days replying to messages and arranging video calls. So far no-one new has engaged and begun crunching issues. A few joined this forum, but all have gone quiet.

There is a serious issue that is causing almost everyone to drop out before they even start. i can’t find it and it is killing our project.

The only cause that i am aware of is the SSL issue preventing push notifications, but i can’t imagine that alone is behind a near 100% drop off rate.

What is the issue/s and how can we improve?


@Andy_at_Focallocal I think there’s a few things, from someone who has led these types of things before:

  1. There’s no clear organization/structure/onboarding process.
  2. Once there is an onboarding process, delegating the issues based on interest/skill
  3. The push notification thing is minor, that said, it’s hard to feel engaged in something that is, by virtue of timezones/georgraphy scattered across the planet. Let’s think about how to centralize and streamline.




Now that I have more than 30 seconds… here are a few suggestions:

  1. If you have a github respository, share it with developers, also, point them to where the issues are (if they’re tracked in github or elseswhere).
  2. If you do use the issues in github officially assign them to developers (again based on interest/skill/time commitment. Request a time line for completion, not to necessarily hold anyone’s feet to the fire, but so that there is a single place to see who is doing what rather than trying to navigate this board for tasks.
  3. Anything that isn’t urgent could be arranged in a sprint like fashion- keeps things prioritized and moving along at a reasonable pace. With a sizable development team this is a very effective approach- and it helps developers to know where they’re needed rather than feeling lost at sea. :slight_smile:

Ping me if I can help.


@jesdaigle everyone has access to the Github and issues are loosely ordered by milestones. there’s also a roadmap in Brighter Tomorrow Map card in the Action Center

i don’t assign them to devs. we did try to do this in the past, but it fell down as i don’t have the technical understanding to know which skills are best suited to many of the tasks.

we have created a formal structure in the past, but as a community of volunteers it quickly fell apart. some people wanted to organise and coordinate teams, but drifted off, or didn’t do very much, leaving the more active members of their teams complaining they had to wait around to find something to do.

That why we built the Action Center, to try and decentralise the process, and allow people to come and go as they are able, and no task (mission) is reversed for more than 2 weeks. if its not done then someone else can take it. the Action Center has a time line, and sprint function built in, but the Meteor team are using Github instead as that is where all the code is based

I was thinking about putting ads out for team coordinators who manage the tasks, and who is active and wants to work on them. i find my time is split between our other projects, making it tough to keep on top of each one

Thank you for the insights and absolutely you can help. i’d love to work with you on improving it :slight_smile:


Is everyone aware that they have access? I wasn’t, until this thread. :slight_smile:

Communication gaps seem to be big gap here. I was unaware of the Action Center or access to Github before this conversation. Maybe putting all of the onboarding stuff in a thread and send new folks the link so they know how to get started?


i believe everyone else should be. i tried a less formal approach with yourself and @raduchiriac to see if that would work better, and then waiting until you were ready to join in before arranging a video call to show you around. @spartano gave Radu a video introduction

i used to do video calls with all new team members about a year ago, but stopped as i found i was spending hours meeting new members, and then they’d disappear before beginning.

perhaps we could create some kind of online team introduction modal window chain, with screenshots and descriptions of what they have access to and can do in each directly relevant area of the site?


@Andy_at_Focallocal That could be a solution. Having extra information you can email to a dev directly can help a lot.


ok, i’l make one and try it out. i’m unsure what to put for setting up atom. also, i think we should have a settings.json with dummy accounts so we don’t have to send out sensitive information all the time to people who often don’t join in. i’m not sure how to do that


@ReactJS i’m sorry for going quiet everyone.

i’ve been unwell and wasnt able to keep on organising everything. i was hoping that increase in interest after the post would be enough to keep us going while i recovered, but it seemed to just suck up all my time and led to no progress.

i’m back online and will be trying to put some light work into the map again

who’s still here and wants to get this map fantastic and out healing the world?


@ReactJS i’m trying to break a World Record in a few weeks to bring awareness to the map. i’m not good at marketing, but i can make projects and events. it would be fabulous if you’d share the effort around as much as possible. i’m going to have a tablet there and instructions on a big sign for people to find a resource on their phone and add it to the map. hopefully the media will also be there and will film a volunteer showing people how our map works

i’ve also got a great solution for making the map easier to understand in the 1st few seconds after arrival, and a reasonable idea to make the time/date modal easier for users to understand