Meteor Maps



We are using Blaze, and the creation of the new event has lots of room for improvement if you wish to give it a try.


Hi, I’m just joining the project, so normally fixing a few bugs is a good place to start! Is there a how to get setup guide anywhere? In terms of picking one to actually work on, I saw the house numbers bug, and thought that might be an approachable one for a new person.
I am aiming to be on this zoom chat this lunchtime so look forward to talking to all of you!


nice chatting with you @GregR. there’s a readme guide in github here:

i’ll send you our settings.json file via DM (although if anyone wants to add sandbox information to it and put it in the main code that would probably make getting started easier)

that’s a good issue to get started on. generally speaking i’d suggest following the milestones, but its not essential. if you see an issue you’d like to solve just go for it


I just had a quick look and there is a nice list of address formats here

So it depends what we want to use the address for how we might want to proceed.


@GregR we want users to be able to type in all of those, and the autofill will suggest the correct address. i’m ot sure how easy that will be. how does google maps solve this issue?

i can search for any of those, or a park, or a post office, and it’ll find them all easily



p.s. how easy is it to set up wordpress multisite? i’ve looked a few times but always turned back

i want to create a page which has a slightly different main menu for our Kindness Auction. it would be good as we can then create separate sites for projects that want to use wordpress which are slightly different to our main site


I can do a bit of research on WordPress tomorrow. Google do actually allow you to use their type ahead technology with a quota. has some details. I don’t think they will be doing much understanding of the address it looks like it’s doing a google search limited to place names.


not perfect then. addresses would be needed as well. thanks the wordpress research would be amazing!


test post #1. there is a possibility this will also be posted to Slack


test post #2


test post #3


test post #4


final test post. the sync doesn’t appear to be working, the setup instructions are incomplete so i’ve had to use a lot of trial and error.

if this doesn’t work, perhaps someone would like to have a go at editing the settings on the webhook i’ve set up


@Andy_at_Focallocal. I don’t think I have access to the slack settings, so maybe this can help:


@Andy_at_Focallocal Never mind, I just saw your comment in that post. Can I get access to the slack settings?


@ydaniel98 just made you an admin at Slack. thank you :slight_smile:


plugin test #1


plugin test #2


plugin test#3


plugin test#Andy