Meteor Maps, ReactJS



@Jason, we use nodejs + mongodb.
I used performance monitoring tool for Meteor in the past, and that was enough to optimize queries and ensure oplog on monodb is enabled. But this tool has to be set up manually, probably on the same server
@Andy_at_Focallocal just monitor the RAM usage and it should be fine. Meteor apps are quick and if they are designed well, they scale nicely.


Hi - is there a list of what’s being used tech wise, what is open to improvement?


The project is open source and the tech stack is listed there




@mordika s reply is only covering the Meteor Maps.

the rest of our website is hosted on 2 other servers. i recently posted details here : - building our online positive action hub


Cool - I was more looking in a general sense design wise. There’s a few things I’d personally change, but I wasn’t sure if the main landing is what you’ve created, or just Meteor Maps and it plugs into done by someone else.


all our work. we’re bringing them together now so they look and perform as one network - although projects like the Brighter Tomorrow Map will have their own app and URL so that they also stand alone, while having links back to the wider community


@mordka well that’s good. On the Wordpress side, are you using memcache?

Would you guys be open to testing Varnish? I could step you through it, and it will prepare you for load balancing in the future.


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@spartano @ydaniel98 @raduchiriac @Billy_Monkey @jesdaigle what do you guys think about using Varnish?


oh, i just realised this was a WordPress question. I set that up, sorry @Jason.

we have a caching plugin, but not memcache


Hi guys, varnish won’t help, because meteor apps are using websockets and DDP. Not HTTP calls. They are quite fast.
I checked the google analytics and there is a peak of 250 users on 25 July. This is nothing to meteor db, it could handle 250 concurrent user sessions, not within a day
If you guys want access to ga, let me know your emails.


maybe @Jason was suggesting Varnish for our Wordpress site. not sure. if so you’d be welcome to :slight_smile:


i’ve gathered a list of resources. can anyone set up a code to auto-populate our database? its a nice quick way to get past the initial lull when the resource isn’t yet useful enough to draw people into it to start building it


@Jason where are we now with the server upgrade and backups? i’m happy to give you access to the wordpress server


@raduchiriac how are you finding the project?

we’re you able to set everything up to begin work? are you happy with the way issues are listed in Github, or can you suggest some changes i can make?


@Billy_Monkey both of the above questions to you :slight_smile:


@ydaniel98 hows the plugin to sync with Slack? is there an api key ready that i need to enter?


gone a little quiet in here.

@ReactJS would anyone like to join a group call on Tues at 13:00 BST so everyone can meet the new faces joining in to build this beautiful project:


here’s a link you can use to join the call: