Meteor Maps



it would be better, but i think the main issue is the users can’t see those times without clicking each box. them not being visually accessible is confusing


Ok. I think the best, and quickest solution is to set everything so that it’s as simple as possible.

Forever: checked,
More than one day: checked,
Time Equal: checked.

How about that, it removes some complexity unless they need it.


@ydaniel98 did you try posting the issue on a few forums to see if there is a solution. there has to be a way to put some text, a tick box and a text entry box on the same line, and that would solve all the issues


if not, maybe post your code for the current time/date selector on a few UX related forums and ask for advice to see if anyone has a suggestions. to keep the work you did, but make small changes to stop users dropping off when they come to it


@Andy_at_Focallocal I’ll try a few things and push them. Then we can get more feedback. I’m sorry, I’m just not too experienced in UX design, don’t know any UX forums either.


thats ok, me neither. that’s why we missed it and need to improve it now. its good learning material.

i’d suggest putting it into a jsfiddle (if thats possible), or create a blank page with just the modal window on it so people can go directly there. then post in the two forums i linked before saying we’re losing users at this window we built. what can we do to change that?

that would cover the technical meteor people. then also post in stack exchange and tag it ux ui meteor js and any other tag you think are relevant


you could post directly in a UX forum somewhere, but i think they’d have the same issue i did suggesting a solution, in not understanding the technical limitations to what can and cant be done


@Andy_at_Focallocal I pushed an improvement, let me know how it does. If it still fails I’ll make a post on stackoverflow.


@ydaniel98 that looks a lot more logical, well done. lets see what feedback we get.

can i ask you to make a few superficial changes to it

  1. ‘date’ changed to ‘starting date’
  2. the autofill text in the ‘date’ box changed to ‘select today’s date if already available’
  3. ‘how often?’ changed to ‘recurring?’
  4. ‘recurring’ box moved to the bottom, below ‘forever’
  5. ‘forever’ changed to ‘forever or unknown’


it seems the mad rush is over. the title in r/bestof makes it look like a corporation releasing a cool resource. which is ok, but not going to balloon.

the post in r/uk seems to have died down, although it is still stickied to the top of the thread. the site seems to have held up well. perhaps we should check numbers so we have a barometer of how much traffic it took, and therefore can handle?


@ydaniel98 @spartano the homepage bug on the mobile is still occurring and i can’t resolve it.

to recreate it and see whats happening make your web browser as narrow as possible. scroll to the title (The Brighter Tomorrow Map) and then take the bottom of the window and resize it up and down.

it looks like the two elements are using different positional css rules, and so become squeezed together on many small screens. my phone is pretty big and it looks terrible. on smaller screens it could make the map unusable by blocking the main navigation buttons



Hello guys,
@spartano @ydaniel98 can you guys give me a quick introduction on how should I checkout the code from (which repo?) and point to a smaller issue to begin with and familiarise with the code.



eu sunt liber peste 2 ore daca vrei sa facem un screen cast impreuna.


Hey, can we talk in Romanian here? :slight_smile:
I am free after 7PM today we can do a Skype, Hangout etc.

Let me know which platform and I will be online.


i prefer using Slack, just join and we can chat and set up zoom meetings.
my nickname is spartano :slight_smile:


i’d like to set up api keys from this thread into Slack, and maybe also the main build thread into slack, as so many users leave it open all the time. i can set up the api keys, i just cant install the plugin (without risking breaking it) yet

if you guys need to communicate with graphic designers, seo, ux/ui people for something you’ll need to come into this forum though


@ydaniel98 are you on these small changes, or would you like me to post them as an issue in Githb so they don’t get buried in this thread?


@Andy_at_Focallocal Yeah


@Andy_at_Focallocal Travis is building.