Getting Started: Making a Pull Request (PR)



All edits are initially made in this master branch (fl-maps), and then copy/pasted into the fl-sleeper branch, and a separate PR made to the fl-sleeper branch (refer to note “Copying changes with git cherry-pick” under the “Workflow” section below, for how to automatically copy the changes across) unless they are in the i18n folder. We aim to keep the codebase identical as much as possible until the team expands.

All text and labels viewable to users must be defined in the i18n folder to be ready for multi-language support - this file is also used to define differences between both maps, The Public Happiness Platform at and Our Homelessness project at

When the active team grows the two codebases can diverge. We are getting close to that point so if you’d like to lead/support one side specifically, or advertise for more devs to join our build tag @AndyatFocallocal here.

Copying changes with git “git cherry-pick”: As mentioned above, changes to the codebase are done to the master branch and copy/pasted onto the fl-sleeper branch in a separate PR. Copy/pasting can be done directly through the CLI as follows:

  1. Make a note of your commit id in the master branch. Assuming the most recent commit is the one you want to copy:

    git log -1

  2. Checkout the latest fl-sleeper branch onto which you want to copy across the changes

    git checkout <TARGET-BRANCH-NAME>

  3. Use “git cherry-pick” to apply the exact insertions and deletions from your master branch commit, onto the target fl-sleeper branch that you have just checked out

    git cherry-pick <COMMIT ID>

  4. This will copy across the changes without affecting any other files. In the very unlikely scenario there are conflicts you would need to resolve these before the cherry-pick executes. Note: if there is more than one commit to copy across, you need to include all relevant commit IDs in the command.