Suggest Improvements to



Selectable plugins:

  1. Section to ‘pin’ links of their choosing (Facebook profile, personal or charity website, linked in, a funny YouTube video). These should be links with a short description the user has posted to explain the link. You might think buttons look better.
  2. Project tracking. Users can select a Trello Project and follow it’s burndown chart. Missions left todo this monthly Sprint period. In btm this needs more thought, maybe they can choose a walk the path to a brighter future trello list, with specific schemes to choose from. Like overcoming addiction.
  3. Total activity value in all projects, and a plus/minus from last month
  4. Number of posts on the map. Users. Activities/Offers. In your city, country, overall


the redesign seems to have stalled a bit. can anyone look into the category above this and comment on the suggestions we have there so we can form some consensus on the next steps forwards?


@AndyatFocallocal quick question. What is the difference between creating a public happiness activity and putting yourself on the map? I just noticed it looks like the same form for both.


Yes, that was a design choice which appears to have failed.

Creating an activity is like I’m doing Free Hugs here, please join me

Putting yourself on the map means people can contact you and invite you to meet them for an activity - or just shows that you are part of the Community for others to feel a part of something wider.

I agree, those should be two different forms. I thought we could put ‘add me to the map’ into a users profile page, so that after filling out their profile, the default option below is ‘add me to the map’


I’ll be back online more again from tomorrow. How are you all getting on?


Would anyone like to jump into a conference call in the next few days?


I’ve been offline for a bit and need to go over what Diana has posted on the start here post and other posts but sounds good to me.