Proposed Splash Home Page


Can you use a proxy? I can send you the files in slack too


Also, can you access, as I hope we can switch to there soon.

@tmcnulty @syl @PJSmooth how far away are we from being able to switch forums as @danyalamriben can be more effective after I setup the sync with Slack. the situation is still that you can take your time and explore integration on the new platform, but if we can open it up sooner that will benefit Danny


Hey, Dany! I’ve messaged you about this part. My specialty is in UI design and I love doing visual work that includes products and branding. I’m here to help with the colors and visual components everyone. :blush:

I think before we can start on a visual language, it’s best to establish a brand to reflect. I was looking over some concepts and and hoping to flush out a few ideas from my head to a style board and maybe a quick overview of a style I’ve had in mind. I’ll follow up today for what I’ve had in mind.


Hey, I’ll be back on Wednesday to catch up! I’m on my first and only vacay this year with my partner before he leaves town :frowning: sorry for not checking in sooner!


Sounds great @danyalamriben, I hope you enjoy yourself :sunglasses:


Okay so I’m sorry if I am slow but yes I can access, however I’m confused by:

  • The top left logo still says focallocal: what’s up with that?
  • it wants me to log in again: do I need to create a new login ID? Will I lose my thread history on this forum?
  • I like slack because it does what it is supposed to do well: I can compose on any device and find what I need easily but I can still work with this as long as I know what I’m supposed to communicate on!

#87 is where we’re building the new version of this site, and rebranding it.

Once we move we’ll sync Slack so you can use either (on some channels). Unfortunately we can’t sync the two on this forum ( as we used an installer to create this forum which is now defunct and this forum will rapidly become unusable.

I’m hoping we can switch very soon, like in a week so you’ll be able to work on here or slack :slightly_smiling_face:


are we all just creating a new profile to move over to phm? I’m sorry, I think this forum only cooperates on my laptop now, I don’t know why :frowning:


Just a thought about some design/user research- what if we did guerrilla-esque research where everyone can just whip out their phone/laptop/browser of choice and ask a friend/relative to try go about accomplishing a few key tasks (“find a gathering” or “find my organization”) to help quickly fuel some evidence based design priorities?

It’d be informal and quick but at this early stage in the game I think it could be really valuable feedback to help focus on specific issues on the splash page or navigation etc

If people were into it, next steps would be to propose and agree on which tasks/questions would be most important to the team.

Ex: “Can you show me how you’d find a volunteering opportunity near you using this homepage?” “I’m just interested to see if it currently makes sense to ordinary people using the site for the first time.”


It’ll be seamless. We back up this forum and then restore it on


I love this


i was thinking about the content of the new splash page again. Hows this:

New Homepage

  • Sign up

  • Intro vid
    (what is public happiness)

  • What’s in it for them? Why should they join?

  • Current Featured Projects built in our ecosystem
    (basic overview with no links, they have to sign in to access – so users are not leaving rather than signing up)

  1. Brighter Tomorrow Map
  2. Public Happiness Token
  3. The Happiness Economy Documentary we’re building. Launches in Cannes next year
  4. The World Public Happiness Economy Summit


I can help with user research for sure. I’ll also do some user interviews just for some insight. Ideally speaking exploratory research would be done first, but I think if we’re flexible enough we can do it on the fly.


That sounds awesome. Do you have any specific items in mind to cover in your research? I’d love to collaborate on a document with you!


I like this. Did you have a look at what I mentioned earlier? About what a home page should have? I think something can be worked with this.


I did, but we seem to have lots of good ideas floating and are lacking a structure to create a specific plan of action between yourself, @danyalamriben and me which will turn our ideas and efforts into an awesome new home page.

Should we perhaps put specific tasks we need completed (by ourselves or others) which will create our new homepage?

Diana is also looking at the wider site UX and how it all ties together. Diana I can make a wider sitewide UX list for you to begin setting out tasks there which you’re working on


I’ll make the lists as an example, unless you have specialised frameworks you’d rather use


I just posted an overview of a plan of action on Diana’s UX thread just to get us some traction. It’s just a suggestion. Beyond that I’m happy to help with any tasks once we get sorted.

I noticed that you suggested making users sign up to view certain content. A word of caution here, and this is just my opinion.

This is always a bit dicey because gating users is difficult.

The reason is that you need to have sufficiently captured the user to where they’re invested enough to sign up. If you block content that would enable them to become invested, you’ve shot yourself in the foot. You can expect users to back out at this point if they’re not interested enough.

Some websites operate contrary to this (looking at you Pinterest) but that’s just not user friendly.

An alternative tactic is sign up via action. To use reddit as an example, you can view most content without singing up, but as soon as you try to customise or take an action you need to create an account. So, this is the philosophy of the content stands for itself. It’s engaging enough to prompt users to sign up so they can interact. reddit has also gone through growing pains to put it lightly on what the landing page looks like for potential users, but that’s a testament to content first.

Another avenue of thought is prompts. A well timed prompt stating “Be a part of happiness” for sign up might be useful.

Anyways, just spit balling here. Ultimately it’s the landing page and messaging that will count, and as far as sign ups go maybe some A/B testing would be helpful down the road so we can some solid quant.


Alex, I will confess :hot_face: every time I’ve tried to find what you sent me (I remember the first time I was able to scan in on my way into work) I get lost in a tangle of these posts of a captive refresh on the mobile site and when I finally throw my arms up and just re log into the site I’ve totally ADHDiana’d my way to somehow responding to a different thread and forgotten my task at hand. So help me god, I will find it now! Lol. I am really sorry though I know you sent some valuable stuff my way I just have been falling in a rabbit hole on the site looking for it


this is the model we have now, but we find the vast majority of people just explore rather than signing up and joining in. the thought was that it was better to leave some mystery and just show some awesome things we’re building on our platform and great 30sec videos to get people engaged