Proposed Splash Home Page


Can you use a proxy? I can send you the files in slack too


Also, can you access, as I hope we can switch to there soon.

@tmcnulty @syl @PJSmooth how far away are we from being able to switch forums as @danyalamriben can be more effective after I setup the sync with Slack. the situation is still that you can take your time and explore integration on the new platform, but if we can open it up sooner that will benefit Danny


Hey, Dany! I’ve messaged you about this part. My specialty is in UI design and I love doing visual work that includes products and branding. I’m here to help with the colors and visual components everyone. :blush:

I think before we can start on a visual language, it’s best to establish a brand to reflect. I was looking over some concepts and and hoping to flush out a few ideas from my head to a style board and maybe a quick overview of a style I’ve had in mind. I’ll follow up today for what I’ve had in mind.


Hey, I’ll be back on Wednesday to catch up! I’m on my first and only vacay this year with my partner before he leaves town :frowning: sorry for not checking in sooner!


Sounds great @danyalamriben, I hope you enjoy yourself :sunglasses:


Okay so I’m sorry if I am slow but yes I can access, however I’m confused by:

  • The top left logo still says focallocal: what’s up with that?
  • it wants me to log in again: do I need to create a new login ID? Will I lose my thread history on this forum?
  • I like slack because it does what it is supposed to do well: I can compose on any device and find what I need easily but I can still work with this as long as I know what I’m supposed to communicate on!