The Public Happiness Movement Youtube channel



Here are some ideas with a focus on entertainment/promotion and empowerment base on what is already available. Each bullet point can be three videos. For hacking the algorithm, the trick is finding a keyword niche and then making videos at least one-minute longer (aiming for average or higher niche retention rate and longer niche watch time). The niche should preferably have a lower average watch time.

  • If someone wishes to organize in their area outlining all the steps it took to get people involved in one event, how/whether other organizations collaborated.

    • Footage from each event can be used with a voice-over walking the viewer through the experience.
  • Different challenges that arise with each event. Reserving the venue, getting the accessories, etc.

  • Interviews with other agents of change to hear their stories, tips, and tricks.

  • Stories about previous change agents and how they began movements.


i’m mostly offline right now. i’ll reply tomorrow :slight_smile:


@ndajiya I’ve been struggling with a decision. I think we should make a new channel, as our platform is opening up to more groups. So we still have the Focallocal one, but also a global Movement one.


Regarding a global movement, is it worth considering how we can digitally find people to collaborate with?


absolutely. we’ve got a nice simple and fun list of activities. i’m sure a lot of bigger channels and influencers would love to try them out and make a video we can share to the Public Happiness Movement Channel.

Right now i’m just trying to juggle things to find time to set it up and create documentation so a few people can join in and form a management team where we all decide the optimal format and who’s doing what. It won’t be much longer. we’ve got the vids playing automatically in our website, so we will begin bringing views to the youtube channel. We haven’t yet created the ‘subscribe’ button which will help build that channel up.

then we can share vids from other channels on ours, and let them know how many extra views they’ll get for joining in, plus… it’s just a nice and simple thing to be doing for humanity :slight_smile:


Ok, i’ve created a new channel and set up all the playlists it will need

The plan now is to add good videos from the focallocal channel, and from other groups who join the Movement, into our playlists every few days.

That means none of the videos we post will be our videos, they’ll all be crossed posted from other channels. Is that likely to be a problem?


I’m currently working through adding the relevant featured videos from the Focallocal youtube channel to the new Public Happiness Movement channel.

Currently on number 13 (not inclusive)