Dinosaur BubbleGun Street Dance Party World Record!



Yes, it’s true! This is really going to land on your streets in May 2019!

Join here for updates as the location is announced and to share the excitement in the build up


This is so amazing. Can’t wait for this


Cool! I didn’t know anyone was already following this :slight_smile:


This really means a lot to me Andy so I am giving 100 percent for this


I’m going to be there 1000%


I love Dinosaurs and Bubbles!


Cool, i can’t wait


ik ben zo verheugd!!!


Woooooooo. Lets go


Are there really going to be 5,000 people dancing? That would be too cool


We collect the Bubble Gun’s from cafe’s on the day, right?

I got the QR code ticket on my phone


Groningen is klaar :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Yes, that’s how it’ll work :slight_smile:


I don’t really understand the protest. Are we dancing or protesting??

Sounds like fun though so i already got a ticket


Imagine it like a Gay Pride Parade. Colourful Costumes, Glitter, Happiness and everyone being amazing to each other - but for a cause.

Our cause is to change the key stone issue that most reduces well-being in the world, the thing which pushes our societies away from focusing on the problems you care about, like homelessness, hunger, poverty, work-life balance… everything.

We’re calling it a Party Protest, and aiming to spread awareness and create discussion on solutions. You can read more about it here