Story Tellers (Copy Writing)



These words are very not exciting. really not. Let the 1st Mission be to write an awesome intro to the copy writing thread!

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Andy :0)


currently the Chat link is broken and i can’t access whatsapp till i get a replacement phone. if its not fixed by the 10th March 2017 send me a DM reminder please :slight_smile:


Hey - Just a quick message for now. I’m going to do some writing tomorrow and hopefully be able to post it here by the evening.



Here is a link to the press release for the Brighter Tomorrow map:


Can’t attach files here as a new user so hope it’s alright as a google doc link for now


upgraded your account to regular contributor, as that’s where you are heading. on;t worry, there are still more exciting levels left to reach :slight_smile:


@NCaley would you like to write an article about our Kindness Auction tonight if we have a chat and i give you some pointers?


Hey - sorry I only just finished work and saw this. If the auction has already happened then I could try and write something anyway, based on what people tell me. Would this be helpful?


its fine. it runs for three weeks :slight_smile:


ah perfect. then yes, I’d like to work on an article about it asap


cool, i’ll get back to you tomorrow with more details


sorry for the delay @NCaley

here’s more info about the Kindness and Fun Things Auction (Kindness Auction for short)

here’s the Auction:

and this Auction will be supporting our Brighter Tomorrows Map, and a group called Cause Corps:

the challenge in this article will be in telling the reader what cause corps do, while differentiating them from our micro-volunteering. as the ideologies of coming together and creating positive action projects are similar. you can also contact @kirstystubbs and ask for a specific project Cause Corps are working on to use, that might be the easiest way to differentiate

the auction has already launched, so as soon as you the article s ready it’ll launch :slight_smile:

(p.s. the map launch has been held up again. the team have promised me Friday now)


Hey hey!

Would happily let you know some more info on Cause Corps @NCaley if you need it :slight_smile: Just give me a shout! Probably best to get @AndyatFocallocal to prod me if I haven’t replied on here!