Hi Folks I’m Dougie from Cumbernauld outside Glasgow Scotland.

I’m an IT bod and up for helping if possible. Having had experience of being of no fixed abode I understand what it’s like , how much it sucks and how people fall off the radar leaving those who very often are vulnerable without the right care.

While being there in person is not possible the internet allows me to do quite a fair bit from my living room ;0)

Peace , Love and Light



Hi, guys, my name is Jon, and I’m here to contribute in any way possible. I have varying levels of expertise concerning HTML, CSS, Ruby on Rails, project management, video editing, testing, researching. Hope I can be of assistance on the day :slight_smile:


Hiii Yall

I am SaNina (Sara + Nina or Mizuki) and I currently work as an IT Support Manager for an IT Company in London :slight_smile:
That’s my day job… By night and weekends and every time I can, I do Photography. Mostly into portraits and Street Photography and I am looking to do some projects this year. One of them is actually related to Homeless people. I follow the Tao and the Natural ways… I do meditation and Yoga on a daily basis.
I live near Forest Hill at the moment, but it’s quite a cool place :slight_smile:

I’ve participated in the Eyes contact experiment last year, and I’ve got a message for you. And time allowing, I hope I can participate in other projects. Sometimes I get caught with work, but I guess that is what it is for now.

Living the Present Moment, and spreading the love and positive vibes <3
See you soon :slight_smile:


Hi, I’m Daniel. I like the idea of being abe to help, and this is a great opportunity. I am a full stack developer. I have been working on this project for about a month now, so If anyone has any questions about the code, I can help. :smile:


hey guys, henrik here!

a few years ago andy surfed our couch in Berlin and I got sucked into to focallocal world =D
I’m next to andy at the London Hackerspace, which is an amazing place! I’m excited to contribute my Webdev skill to the project

cheers & see you soon


Hello, my name is Victor, i live in Italy, and i have 1.5 year if experience in web dev, first time participating in a team. In the last 6 months i have worked with Meteor and React, and i would like to give my contribution to this project. So i would like to speak with someone that can giude me into the project and into the first assignment. Thanks. Bye.


welcome Victor :slight_smile: i’m curious if you receive an email notification that i have replied to you in this thread. i’m not receiving notifications from this forum, but maybe new members, and you are? we changed a setting recently


Hi Every beauty member of this wonderful group…
My name is Andrea , I´m from Buenos Aires, Argentina and last october I host The Eye Contact Experiment in my city , and there I met Andy and many others host in all over the world…
I really know we can make a difference around just looking , smiling, hugging or being…
I love to be part of this, and know we can give support and ideas one to the others… and work together creating a sweeter, … friendlier… loving and inspiring cities, neighbourhoods… wherever we are…

Thanks Andy for this space and for allowing me to be part of this…
hope to be part of anyevent. … here… spreading hope and love…
thanks for all of you… for being part of .
this big dream!!!

LEt`s go together and create the World of PEACE AND LOVE where we want to live and enjoy!!!


Hello everyone,
I am very pleased to join this group and the actions, beliefs it represents.

My name is Radu, I was born in beautiful Romania, but in the past 8 years I lived between Paris and Bruxelles.

I am an experienced JavaScript developer doing both frontend and backend. I worked a lot with meteor, since the early days and I really hope I can help you in the development process.

Looking forward to give a bit of my time to this noble cause, learn new things from other developers and make friends -
all while contributing to a better world for those who lack even the basics of it.

Thanks Andy and the rest of the team.


Hi all! I’m Jes. 20+ year veteran of tech. Currently working as Chief Technology Officer for a start up based in Detroit, as well as consulting non-profits (and whatever else I can get into). My “superpowers” include strategy, product development, software engineering, and UI/UX. I happened to come across the post on a remote focused hub and instantly knew I needed to reach out. I have purposefully focused my work on socially conscious tech the past few years and this really struck a chord with me. I hope to be able contribute to the mission in making the world a happier, safer, and more inclusive space for all. Cheers!


welcome @jesdaigle :sunny:


Hi all,
I’m Calum from the Scottish Highlands. I’m here to lend a hand with entry of data onto the brighter tomorrow Map. I’m going to start with the information from and move on from there to help increase the amount of info we’ve got on the map.


Hello Heroes!

I’m Kimberly. I am a public servant in New York City, where I am part of a city initiative that helps homeless families and individuals with findings viable permanent housing within the five boroughs of New York City (which can prove to be quite a challenge these days). I work mostly with the immigrant population, and marginalized groups, such as homeless veterans, low-income families, single mothers, survivors of domestic violence, and HASA (HIV-AIDS Services Administration) beneficiaries. On top of this, I also worked for the immigration services of the New Zealand government, and aided with relief efforts for Supertyphoon Haiyan in 2013.

I am excited to do more good work here. I will do my best to contribute as much as I can to this initiative!


Hi! My name is Greg and I live in York. I am mainly a java server developer but I like to do a bit of JavaScript too.


welcome @GregR you’ll probably be most interested in the Meteor Maps thread where we are building the Brighter Tomorrow Map and Gathering Map (identical codebase with different text)

its build in Meteor, and i’m sure the more experienced developers than me will be happy to get you started:


Hi my name’s Efrain Colmenares, I seen your post at so I think this project it’s very interesting. I wanted to tell you that I’m interested to collaborate in the project, I’m meteor developer with Blaze, node and php as well,



Hi @efraxpc! i’ve built these forums but we haven’t really got any of the team using the right now. i think we need to wrap the website in an app and set up push notifications to get all of our community to be active on here. atm, most of our communication is over facebook, but i’d love to move away.

if thats a task you’d like to have a go at let me know.

welcome to the community :slight_smile:


My name is Chris Woodward and I found out about Andy and FocalLocal while job hunting(still hunting) and I really like the mission of the project.
I am hoping to bring my experience as a developer, full stack and otherwise, to the project. I hope to learn some things and hopefully play a part in helping some people!

Hope you are cashing some happy checks today!


Welcome again Chris!


Chris do you get a different (cooler) notification favicon now?