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Our activities produce a huge amount of beautiful footage of Focallocallers making the world a brighter place, and creating happiness. That footage has the power to spread hope in humanity to the many people in this world questioning it, and also to bring crowds of people into our community to join in our Movement for a friendlier, happier and more peace filled World.

That footage achieves nothing without editors and producers capturing the magic of our Movement and telling it as an engaging story to viewers around the World. It is something harder to find - i’m glad you’re here!

Here you can:

  • discuss what needs to be edited
  • tell others what you’d like to create
  • find others to collaborate with
  • get advice and learn new skills
  • ask for feedback
  • arrange meetings (online and in person)

You’ll find suggested videos and tasks in ‘Missions’, when complete share your success with the community in the Hero Hub > Missions Complete


Step 1. visit the Action Center and find the video production board. click on Missions
Step 2. follow this guide to sync the board to your Google calendar (or find a way to sync with the calendar you are using)
Step 3. choose a video you want to create, and move it into sprint. Click on it and set a due date
step 4. check your calendar often, and use it to guide your workflow. no need to load your brain up with things to remember that your diary be covering for you.
step 5. if the task isn’t complete by 2 weeks please move it back into the list it came on so that others can tackle it. (note. it shouldn’t go in Sprint if its going to take you longer than 2 weeks)

Andy :0)


@flavia, would you like to pick a date and we’ll go out and film some intro videos for activities?